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Multilingual online shop offering fresh and natural fruits and seasonal vegetables, as well as gourmet products based on extra virgin olive oil. It has been developed with WooCommerce. Custom design and programming. Includes a control panel where you can easily manage orders, products and special sales, as well as a private area where clients can access their order history, order status and invoices.


  • Graphic Design. One of the main concerns of the client was that the look of the online shop will transmit the two primary attributes of their fruits and vegetables: fresh and natural products. For this reason we chose to design a higher zone featuring shocking pictures that will help us to reinforce that message, while the rest of the web focuses almost exclusively on the products for sale, always with a clean and elegant touch.
  • Responsive Design. To facilitate the navigation and the purchase process from mobile devices we have created a simple design interface adapted to mobile screens that stands out for its ease of use.
  • Usability. Another important aspect to which we have paid special attention is the usability of the tool. Actually, its design allows you to add any product to your shopping cart with just a couple of clicks. In addition, the navigation by all sections of the online store is fluid and intuitive.
  • Special sales and discounts. We have developed a flexible system of discounts and offers to facilitate the promotion of any product within the store and try to increase conversion ratios.
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