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Online shop offering sunglasses, prescription glasses and contact lenses developed with the WordPress e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce, which provides a quick and intuitive online buying experience and features the usability of the WordPress platform. On top of that, the online shop also includes a private control panel from which manage the product offer, discounts and orders, as well as the rest of the content published on the site.


  • Product manager. This online shop manages around 10,000 different articles. We have developed an importing tool to facilitate the dump and update of the database. In addition, we have created a product manager to give support to the many and varied technical characteristics of each product (there are glasses that have more than 300 different variations, with all that implies)
  • Tool to configure the glasses.  We have developed an online tool that, depending on the characteristics of each pair of glasses and the diopter of the customer, shows the more convenient options available and updates the price in real time
  • Special offers program. We have created a special deals program that enables clients to easily take advantage of special discounts when purchasing their glasses. Probably, the two most popular sale promotions are: “2×1 in prescription glasses” and “2 sunglasses for 100€” (from the control panel it is possible to manage which glasses are linked to each sale promotion)
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