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Online platform developed with WordPress (WP MU) offering a huge range of free content of all kinds – lyrics for songs, games, software, videos and wallpapers¬- available to be downloaded by users. To facilitate the usability of the tool, contents published on Gratis.net are grouped into different categories, featuring rankings of most viewed and most searched in each section.


  • Custom Design
  • Responsive design adapted to mobile screens
  • Private control panel where to manage the content of the site (texts, pictures, videos, links …)
  • Widget structure: all the elements that make up the web page are programmed so that from the control panel it is possible to easily manage them (moving their positions, adding new elements…)
  • Private area for clients
  • Dynamic header
  • Custom product manager
  • Plugin for managing newsletters linked to MailChimp
  • Chat in real-time on-site
  • SEO search engine optimization