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Corporate website of the Spanish hotel chain Hoteles Mediterraneo, which manages two hotels and an aparthotel in Peniscola (Castellon, Spain). This multi-language web page features an integrated online reservations engine, programmed under the WordPress platform. Custom graphic design and programming. Also includes a personalized control panel from where manage the content (texts, images, videos) of all the sections of the website.


  • Online booking search engine. The hotel chain works with a bookings management software called Prestige, so that we proceeded to integrate it within the web through an iframes system. Both the management of the availability and the payment processing is done through the Prestige platform.
  • Special offers program. Along with the online search engine we have also integrated into the web a complex system of discount offers and special hotel packs that make up the commercial policy of the hotel chain (due to its availability is subject to many variables such as age or time spent), so that users can hire and take advantage of any of them directly from the web.
  • Content structure. The website has been designed with the purpose in mind of showing, in a very visual way, all the facilities and services offered each hotel (through photos, videos, virtual tours and 360 ° views). Besides, it also includes a section with relevant tourist information on Peniscola and its surroundings (with news, pictures and videos), as well as a news feed that reports in real time the latest offers available on all the hotels managed by the company.
  • Web archicture based on widgets. All the elements that make up the web page are programmed so that from the private control panel it is possible to easily manage them (move their positions simply by dragging, add new elements, create new sections, change sidebars design, edit menus…)
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