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Online portal focused on a very specific segment: professionals and specialists in all types of second-hand machinery (forklift trucks, elevating platforms, telescopic handlers, constructions machinery, industrial cleaning machinery…). Custom design and programming under the WordPress platform. It includes manager of product databases, plugin for managing newsletters and news blog.


  • Web archicture based on widgets. All the elements that make up the web page are programmed so that from the private control panel it is possible to easily manage them (move their positions simply by dragging, add new elements, create new sections, change sidebars design, edit menus…). In this way it is much easier to customize the look of the website in matters of seconds, as well as doing usability tests in order to improve conversion rates.
  • Advanced search. To make sure customers find the product they are looking for as fast and easy as possible, there are two types of search: on the one hand you can go directly to the desired category of products; and on the other hand you can use the advanced search option, which allows you to specify technical characteristics of the product you are looking for (such as power, the height of the forks or the type of mast).
  • Project scalability. One of the objectives of the project was to develop a completely scalable tool that would facilitate the evolution of the portal in parallel to its growth. The website is designed for that in the future, depending on the pack purchased, customers can manage their own portfolio of products on sale from a simple private control panel.
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