Bulk Wine & Spirits

Vinos y Alcoholes (aka www.bulkwineandspirits.com) is an online portal specialized in the world of bulk wine and liquors oriented to professionals in the sector. Its main objective is to bring together buyers and sellers of wine and liquor in bulk, allowing any professional publish a specific demand or offer. The online strategy of Vinos y Alcoholes has been designed on the basis of the following points:

Google Adwords campaigns (SEM)

In order to promote the portal both nationally and internationally we have launched a few SEM campaigns (Google Adwords) in six different markets: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France and Holland. In parallel, we have also put in place a display campaign featuring dynamic flash banners.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Implementation of a pack of SEO actions aimed at improving the positioning of the online portal in the main searches related to the bulk wine industry. We also use the web blog as support to our SEO strategy.

Direct Marketing

Mailing of newsletters to registered customers covering the latest news about the bulk wine industry and the most interesting deals available at that time.