Innova Maquinaria

Innova Maquinaria is a Spanish company specialized in the manufacture of branded machinery in the field of industrial packaging lines. The company offers a variety of packaging solutions for all types of industries (food, chemicals, ceramics, etc.), both in the domestic and international market. Innova online strategy has been designed on the basis of the following points:

Landing pages network (SEO)

Creation of a network of landing pages with the intention of improving the positioning of Innova´s website for the most relevant searches related to the main areas of business of the company. For each landing page has been generated original content (texts, images, videos), caring for the appropriate presence of key words for each language and market.

Google Adwords campaigns (SEM)

With the objective of promoting Innova Maquinaria in the domestic market and also in certain South American markets (in those where have been detected better trade opportunities) we have launched SEM campaigns (Google Adwords) in Spain and Mexico (other countries will come next). We have opted for a mixed campaign (search & display networks).

Social Media

Management of the professional profile on LinkedIn and Twitter of the company, as well as the corporate blog. The goal is to improve the visibility of the brand and setting up a profitable professional contact network.

Direct Marketing

Mailing of periodic newsletters to registered customers covering the latest news about the company and the industrial packing industry.